Matter Rock - Asita Hamidi & Pascal Dussex

Asita Hamidi & Pascal Dussex haben den Song "Ballade", Lied zum Film "Dällebach Kari" verzaubert!

Matter Rock - Midnight To 6

"Midnight To 6" haben den Song "Dr Ferdinand isch gstorbe" aufgenommen. Der legendäre Dänu Boemle, "Sleepy Dan", 'Öml" oder unter uns Dänu "Z" war Produzent.

Matter Rock - Züri West & Stephan Eicher

"Züri West" haben den Song "Alpeflug" zusammen mit Stephan Eicher aufgenommen. Ein Highlight auf der CD und haben damit für unvergesslich kreative Tage gesorgt.

TimeSlice Photoshop Script

I had to get my head off a project, which is my own photography website, and picked up a script I started a while back.

The script creates a Time-Slice image. In other words it runs through a bunch of layers that belong to a timelapse and creates an image that contains a small slice of every frame in the time lapse.

I saw that feature in the lrTimelapse software and also found a plugin, but I like challenges. So I put my head together and I think it's coming along quite nicely.

Here's some snippets using a cheesy sunset time lapse I did back in spring 2020.

DeepDream Tripping

A while back I played with the Google DeepDream software. It was quite complicated as it had to run in a Linux environment so there were multiple layers of technical difficulties involving virtualization using Docker and then get the code downloaded from GitHub to run and actually do what was expected.

Here's some results, input output comparisons. Not a technical explanation. More a visual representation.

My own photographs

Here's a shot from the series "Eiche" with the title "Africa". The series was exhibited at the EinAusStellung in Thun in 2017.

Here's a shot from the series "Eiche" with the title "Focus". The series was exhibited at the EinAusStellung in Thun in 2017.

Here's our bull "Kody". Mind the fox that visits him 🙂

TombRaider Lara Croft

Here's a screenshot of Lara Croft from the game TombRaider rendered by DeepDream. The generator used to interpret the input image is displayed in the caption.

I am sure that I will revisit this at some point and create some trippy art!

Mühle Hunziken - Clubfest 2019

Am selben Abend als Albie Donellys Supercharge gespielt haben hat die Mühle für Crew & Stammgäste ein Clubfest organisiert. Viele Freunde trafen sich an dem feucht-fröhlichen Abend.

Mühle Hunziken - Albi Donelly's Supercharge

Seit mehr als 30 Jahren sind Albie Donnelly‘s SUPERCHARGE Europas führende und prägende Band in Sachen Rhythm‘n‘Blues, Swing & Good-Time-Rock‘n’Roll.

Mokka Am-Schluss - Pascal Dussex Soultrain

"Pascal Dussex Soultrain" machte Zwischenstopp in meiner Geburts-Stadt Thun am OpenAir Festival "Am Schluss 2018" organisiert vom Mokka Thun.

Karneval in Venedig

Impressionen von Masken am Karneval in Venedig.

Karneval in Venedig - Umgebung

Die Stadt, die Menschen, der Friedohof, Murano & der Lido.

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